Sometimes it’s important to go back to the beginning. VL OMNI turns 25 years old next year! As we prepare to celebrate that giant milestone, we look back on the reasons we are a leading force in the multichannel data integration world. We get out bed every day because we truly love what we do. We have a philosophy we live by and uphold for our customers and our partners, and only align with the latter who uphold the same high standards of guidance, education, and — of course — great service and product offerings.

Some of our customers have been with us since day one and still lean on us for education, support and guidance to help grow their businesses. VL continues to build a community of trusted multichannel services and applications as it’s important to what we do and to what our customers do; we continually strive to surround ourselves with the best so that we can collectively continue to offer the best to the merchants we serve. While we specialize in data integration, our unmentioned value really is the guiding expertise we provide on a daily basis to merchants to help them navigate a complex and ever-changing ecosystem of agencies, applications, and services in the multichannel and ecommerce spheres. Over the years, we’ve relished creating and bringing a community together — customers and partners — enabling all to get connected with like-minded merchants and the tools and strategy they need to reach new heights.

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