Walmart: Interesting Facts, Updated

Walmart’s a giant in the retail world; that’s a fact most people in North America are well aware of. But do you really know the numbers behind Walmart’s operations? I bet most people don’t.

The original version of this blog post, published way back in 2010, was inspired by Guy Kawasaki, who had an interesting post on his blog. I follow him on Twitter, and he comes up with some interesting stuff.

This updated version of this blog post includes updated statistics, interesting facts, and more. Keep reading to learn even more about Walmart!

Did you know that…

In 2013, Walmart sold $1.29 Billion each day

    • This works out to the average family spending $4,000/year at Walmart
    • If Walmart were a country, they would have been the 27th largest economy in 2013. Back in 2010, Walmart had the 19th largest ‘economy’ in the world.
    • When this blog was originally published in 2010, Walmart’s 2009 sales were $405 billion. In 2013 based on the statistic above, Walmart made $470 billion.

Walmart’s CEO makes more in a day than Walmart employees make in a year

    • When this blog was originally published in 2010, Walmart’s CEO made only 924 times what the average Walmart employee makes

Each week, Walmart is visited by 260 million customers

    • Back in 2010, these statistics was only 100 million customers per week
  • Walmart isn’t growing as fast as Amazon
    • Walmart has only grown 8.6% over the past 3 years, while Amazon has doubled in the same time frame.
  • 90% of Americans still live within 15 miles of a Walmart
  • Walmart is estimated to have sold at least $49 billion worth of Chinese-made goods between 2001 and 2013
    • In 2010, 80% of all Walmart suppliers were in China, with 10% of China’s exports to the USA heading directly to Walmart. It was estimated that Walmart imported $30 billion worth of goods from China annually.
  • Walmart still sells coffins, but only on its U.S. website

Quite a bit has changed for Walmart since our 2010 post. But the key take away from both this post and our 2010 edition is that Walmart is still a retail force, both online and off.

Every day, millions of people visit Walmart online.

That single fact is probably the biggest statistic I can include in this blog update. For the year 2014, Walmart outgrew the e-commerce market globally. Walmart is an omnichannel heavyweight.

This means that selling into Walmart is no longer just a matter of EDI; it’s now a much more complicated game of EDI, and vendor drop-ship compliance. If you’re still trying to work with Walmart through DIY or through a web form, there’s a better way via VL OMNI and Virtual Logistics Inc. Book our experts for a no-pressure chat today on how we can help your business integrate with Walmart with increased speed, better data, and more reliability. Or check out these guides and more below to learn more about omnichannel data integration.





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