VL OMNI Announces a Peoplevox WMS Data Integration Connector [Press Release]

Shopify Plus Technology Partners, VL OMNI and Peoplevox, announce newly formed Partnership and Integration Connector

OAKVILLE, Ontario, Canada and London, United Kingdom — June 4, 2018 — VL OMNI, an agile point to multi channel data integration platform, announces its partnership with Peoplevox WMS. Their class-leading Warehouse Management System is one of the ecommerce industry’s most trusted and reliable tools, facilitating efficient warehouses by providing pure-play and multichannel retailers full control over their warehousing processes. Partnering with VL OMNI to extend the reach of Peoplevox WMS into even more applications, this exciting partnership announcement is paired with the joint launch of the VL OMNI Peoplevox Connector. The partnership and Connector will allow VL OMNI to extend its offering of moving data seamlessly through Merchants’ infrastructure as they grow, expand and accelerate their businesses, while simultaneously helping current and future Peoplevox customers integrate with a broader and more complex range of applications.

Peoplevox’s inventory and warehouse management system for ecommerce is flexible, fast, and built to grow. Their software supports every aspect of warehouse management, and makes complex processes seem simple while giving fast-growing companies a strong platform to scale. With over 140 clients in 24 different countries, all customers of Peoplevox WMS benefit from their forward-thinking application and 24/7 service offering. Their focused and easy-to-train solution gives ecommerce leaders full control over their brands’ fulfillment.

“The VL OMNI team is very excited to announce our partnership with Peoplevox, and to launch the VL OMNI Peoplevox Connector,” says Jessica Thiele, Marketing Manager at VL OMNI. “Connecting with Peoplevox WMS on the UK RoadShow Tour early in 2018 proved to be a true meeting of minds; both Peoplevox and VL OMNI serve the same rapidly-growing ecommerce and multichannel market, and both see the true value of creating agile, scalable, highly-functional applications that serve this unique group of merchants. Both Peoplevox and VL OMNI are already well poised to help merchants reap the rewards of becoming highly efficient, but together and especially with the launch of the Connector, we are creating a tangible way for merchants to enhance the powerful Peoplevox and VL OMNI platforms.”

Oliver Rhodes, Head of Growth at Peoplevox, “VL OMNI are the go-to integration partner for Shopify Plus and that association gave us a lot of confidence in their team and product. They understand the ecosystem and the technology we need to connect our clients warehouses to.”

About VL OMNI:

Accelerate growth with VL OMNI. VL provides agile and scalable SaaS data integration to scaling SMBs and mid market omnichannel business across a number of sectors. Over 200 businesses trust VL OMNI, an agile point to multi-channel integration platform, to move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow, expand and accelerate their business. Start a conversation today.




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