Together We Thrive – Join Shopify Plus Partners First Ever Microwebinar

VL OMNI has been thinking about our community of ecommerce merchants, and the extraordinary circumstances and trails that COVID-19 has placed on them. In order to support our Merchants in the best way we know-how, VL OMNI has set ourselves the task to create and maintain community. Therefore, democratizing knowledge to the community so Merchants can maintain their growth trajectory during these uncertain times. Introducing Together We Thrive, a microwebinar series discussing useful and important topics for Merchant in the ecommerce space today.

Join Shopify Plus’ Partners First-Ever Microwebinar

Together with Shopify Plus, VL OMNI, and a mix of different top Shopify Partners we have created these unique 15-minute-each microseries targeted to provide Merchants with diverse, actionable insight directly from an in-demand panel of ecommerce experts. Each week will focus on a different topic centered on how merchants can leverage their technology to the fullest extent. With the aim to help them pivot and optimize ecommerce strategies in times of uncertainty and disruption

With a different diverse panel every two weeks of the top Shopify Plus agencies and technology experts and hosted by Shopify Plus, you will come away with practical advice and effective strategies for any stage of your ecommerce growth — whether you’re looking to create a more effective ecommerce experience from click to door or curb, or if you’re going through a period of high growth. Together we thrive!

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Join us for our upcoming microwebinar of Together We Thrive:

What does buying DTC mean for business beyond the pandemic?


On May 14th at 11 am EST – join VL OMNI and Shopify Plus with the best-in-class Plus Partners, OneRockwell, Omnisend and Nosto for our first 15-minute micro webinar discuss how COVID19 is affecting businesses worldwide and how buying directly from small businesses (DTC) is becoming the new norm. What does buying DTC mean for business beyond the pandemic? Will we see a shift to that model permanently?

Leverage the expert panel and come away with practical advice and effective strategies for your ecommerce business at this time.

What Will Merchant Attendees Experience in Our Microwebinar Series?

  • Each micro-webinar is 10-15 minutes. Targeted and focused on getting to the information Merchants care about most
  • Hear from Shopify plus and the best-in-class Plus Partners in the industry
  • Leave inspired, invigorated, and empowered to take your business through times of disruption and uncertainty with agility.

 We’re all in this together and we succeed when you succeed.




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