The Future of Ecommerce in Dubai

While on our worldwide VL OMNI Roadshow earlier this fall, we spent a great amount of time with one of our valued partners and top Shopify Plus Agency to the EMEA region, Creative971. After our highly successful and second-ever Shopify Plus merchant event in Dubai, “Ecommerce With Shopify Plus in the GCC”, we sat down with Julia Jackle, Co-founder and CEO of Creative971 and picked her brain and vaste expertise in ecommerce, asking:

“What is the Future of Ecommerce in the Gulf?”

Julia divulges that in Dubai and the Gulf in general, individualization – not just personalization is the future of ecommerce in the region and beyond. Merchants already understand the needs of their hyper-connnected customer and have begun to implement indivdualized customer experiences across their customers ecommerce journeys.

We also discuss the hype around headless commerce and if it’s reahed the EMEA yet. While EMEA Merchants are interested in learning more about headless and how to prepare their businesses for headless commerce, the adoption of the approach is still very much in discovery. Always interested in the cutting-edge and best solutions on the marketing, it’s surely just a matter of time before enterprising Merchants delve into exploring headless commerce in earnest.

Check out the whole conversation below!

Curious to see what other Shopify Plus Partners think is the future of ecommerce in 2020?



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