The Break Down With VL OMNI – Why Are You Still Using Middleware?

One of the most common misconceptions we hear when consulting with merchants on helping them integrate their data seamlessly is that data integration is a one-size-fits-all industry. 

But the fact is that in today’s world of limitless technology, functionality, and more, every business is absolutely unique. From different configurations of applications that comprise the back-end stack, to specific use cases and data transfer requirements, no two ecommerce or multichannel merchant’s business is the same. So why insist on using the same, old, tired, outdated middleware data integration solution as everyone else?

Not only is Middleware in the world of data integration is outdated, it’s difficult to configure, not agile to change, and not nearly as scalable as the new kid on the block, iPaaS. Growing merchants looking for an integration solution that fits their business, their needs, and business rules, and their strategies for scaling should be looking exclusively for an iPaaS solution, because scaling is a complex and — again — unique process to each business.

Having growth aspirations, becoming more competitive and offering the best possible customer experience all great, but with middleware, you’re essentiality handcuffed by your data. Middleware generally only moves data to move point to point; iPaaS is built to do much more interesting things and can do so in a point-to-multipoint manner.

At VL OMNI, we see data differently — and we understand the importance of using data in meaningful ways. With an iPaaS solution like VL’s, merchants can more clearly define and separate touch points across an application stack. For you and your business, this means that you can use the applications that best serve your business requirements and use case instead of selecting applications based on what your integration middleware can handle. With VL OMNI, data is pulled from its entry point, normalized with your specific business rules applied to the data, then pushed to as many platforms as you require automatically, without errors, and in real time!  VL OMNI Connectors are 100% agile, scalable, and can handle an increase in volumes of data (and orders) without breaking a sweat, allowing you to scale and grow uninhibited.

Keep scrolling to see VL’s Co-Founder discuss the differences in middleware and why a business looking to scale, should seriously consider an iPaaS solution.




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