The Break Down: The Acceleration of B2B eCommerce

The B2B Rocketship

It’s clear the pandemic jump-started foundational adoption of eCommerce by at least 3 to 5 years. Businesses that had never considered an online presence have rapidly adopted new B2B eCommerce strategies and methods that led them to increased growth and sales. 

Two and a half years later, the adoption of new eCommerce methods has continued to be seen as important assets for multichannel business that includes, Buy-Online-Pick-Up-In-Store, curbside pickup, and more efficient shipping services and methods.

Improving B2B eCommerce Processes 

Leveling up your B2B processes can be more technically complex than your B2C strategies. Special attention must be paid to mapping out data flows and refining those processes with strategic goals in mind. VL OMNI can help you strategize how your data needs to flow throughout your applications with your specific B2B rules in mind. 

But ultimately, the results you are aiming for are the same: A consistent customer experience across all channels that are personalized and tailored to your customer’s needs and your brand identity. 

Let our Implementation Coordinator Bob Starr explain the acceleration of B2B in the eCommerce space and how VL OMNI can help you with B2B integration solutions.

Improving The Customer Experience

Just because B2B requires specific technical needs like secure logins, and custom price lists, doesn’t mean the customer experience needs to be un-sophisticated. Spending the time and resources to level up your B2B experience with tight automation and personalized selling experiences will greater growth and unity for your whole brand. 

Let VL OMNI integrate your data, applications, and systems seamlessly 

Working with VL OMNI managed service helps your integrations work for the long term, with your specific business B2B rules in mind. With us you can experience strategic guidance.

  • Thorough technical onboarding
  • Informing technical requirements
  • Providing a detailed B2B integration project outline
  • Working directly with all stakeholders
  • Launching Connectors in line with project deliverables
B2B eCommerce

Think You’re Ready To Go B2B? Download Our Checklist First.

We hope this guide serves as a roadmap to start your B2B eCommerce journey. The checklist explores the myriad of B2B considerations you need to keep in mind to succeed today. Your B2B business can leverage eCommerce successfully too!



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