Shopping Direct: Supporting Ecommerce During COVID-19

As I write this article, most of us are stuck at home. ‘WFH’, or ‘work from home’, may be Merriam-Webster’s addition to the dictionary by the end of all this, but at least in reference only the term takes the edge off the weirdness of everything going on right now related to COVID-19. As we face an indeterminate period, we have to think not only about our own personal safety and the safety of our communities, but also about the deeper ways we can support each other and the economy. And shopping directly from manufacturers or merchants is one way to support small businesses directly.

With so many people staying at home right now either voluntarily or under quarantine, we’re so lucky we live in the time of ecommerce. Undoubtedly times are difficult right now, but they’d be so much harder without being able to order online with mailbox or doorstep delivery. In fact, one of the easiest things we all can do from the comfort of our own homes is buying direct from merchants.

Now is the time to really focus on shopping direct.

What is shopping direct?

According to the Business Dictionary, shopping or buying direct refers to the purchase of goods and services straight from manufacturers or distributors, bypassing all intermediaries such as distributors, wholesalers, and retailers. This means buying goods and items directly from merchants without additional delivery or transport.

Face it, we all have more than enough time to browse the internet for the next while. I know that ecommerce will see a rise in this period; I myself have already placed a few orders online since being on lockdown since earlier this week. When you shop online, you have a choice; VL OMNI and others that support the ecommerce industry are simply asking that you shop directly with the brand instead of going to a big-name ecommerce marketplace.

While COVID-19 has affected the ecommerce space tremendously, shopping direct means you can help support SMB and small enterprise businesses directly, and help feed our economy. This is so important as we face a potential recession. To help you get started on how and why to buy local, learn how your buying habits can help support your local economy here.

Additionally, to do VL OMNI’s part, we’ve listed our favourite brands that we love and shop with.

Have an addition to the list? Contact us here.




Blazer for Men



Manhattan Beachwear

Mark Cross Leathergoods

Pink Boutique


Third Love


CHF Industries


ECS Coffee


Nicole Miller

Profile Wine Group

The Royal Conservatory of Music

Zero Halliburton





Hennessy Hammock

Koppers Fishing and Tackle




Bright Bean Toys

Bunnies by the Bay


Did We Miss An Awesome Merchant?



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