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A VL OMNI and SparkLayer Guide

Want to do B2B on Shopify?

In this guide, we will break down the various considerations, limitations and integration capabilities needed for Shopify Merchants to implement their B2B eCommerce strategy with expertise by Shopify Plus partners, VL OMNI and SparkLayer.

Walk away with clarity on how to turn your B2B challenges into seamless customer experiences and engines of growth for your business.

The most important part of eCommerce is the customer experience and those Merchants at the top of their game understand that they must strategically execute their customer experience seamlessly across both channels. 

No longer is B2B and DTC seen as two disparate streams of eCommerce. Even though both have different fulfillment needs and require specific functionality to be implemented. But what are the possibilities of B2B on one of the largest eCommerce platforms? 

The VL OMNI SparkLayer B2B Solution expands the reach and possibilities of B2B on Shopify Plus with our agile and scalable Connector focused on integrating all business-critical B2B data such as price lists and customer ordering rules. This solution allows Merchants to grow their B2B operation with greater efficiency and focus on streamlining their customer experience across channels. 

In This Guide, You Will Learn:

  • Introduction to B2B possibilities of B2B on Shopify

  • Shopify’s B2B Solution vs. SparkLayer’s & VL OMNI’s Limitations and Comparisons

  • Top things to remember when executing a B2B strategy


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