SAP Ebook: Seizing the Digital Advantage with Cloud, a Next-Generation Platform

SAP is well-known as a market leader in cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and for having a platform that allows for rapid innovation and transformation. Recently, SAP reached out to VL’s very own Robin H. Smith to contribute expert insight for SAP’s new ebook, “Seizing the Digital Advantage with Cloud, a Next-Generation Platform“.

As one of 21 experts contributing to the ebook, Robin was more than happy to stand alongside other ERP experts in sharing our insight on how your business can accelerate growth with an intelligent cloud-based ERP.

Keep reading to see the full ebook!

The Next-Generation Digital Platform

Your business and customers are evolving at the speed of digital. Simply keeping up is no longer enough; businesses are challenged to stay agile and flexible to change and must be able to do so at a moment’s notice. A cloud-based ERP system like SAP that allows for rapid growth, complexity, and agility aligns perfectly with many businesses’ strategies and goals. These elements are becoming increasingly important in developing a robust omnichannel strategy. As a business’ channels grow and the technology stack becomes more complex, the speed in which a business can innovate is often slowed. But by choosing a robust ERP like SAP and subsequently focusing on automating your ERP system’s data, many businesses are taking leaps forward in their ability to operate with agility.


“Today keeping ahead of your competition means tight, high quality data integration and automation that works in real time that’s imbued with strategy.” – Robin H. Smith


VL believes, above all else, in strategy. Data integration begins with strategy at the center and keeps strategy as a central tenant from that point forward. Setting up all applications and platforms to surround to a central application like your ERP allows your business to visualize your business as a unified entity while remaining agile. This combination of strategy, agility, and visibility can make all the difference.



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