Should Your System Integrator (SI) Do Your eCommerce Integrations?

Let’s take a look at the role of a System Integrator, also known as SI, and Data Integrators, and how to define each partner’s expertise when it comes to eCommerce integration.

System Integrators
or SI are an important part of a total back-end organization that can help your eCommerce business become successful. System Integrators are a valuable resource whose role is exclusively to install, support, and configure your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) application.

But, what role should they play in implementing your eCommerce integrations? Let’s dive in.

Who Should Do My eCommerce Integration?

When it comes to eCommerce integration, it’s best to stick to the experts. Integration of many applications, not just ERPs is a specialty of both technical and business expertise. Your data integrator and your SI are not in competition with each other but work in tandem to complete your ERP/eCommerce project. Each has very different roles, specialties, and responsibilities. 

You may be thinking: what is the risk associated with using an SI for my data integration? Well, there are many considerations to take into account.

What Is the Role of A System Integrator?

You should find two very distinct sets of capabilities between your SI and integrator that in fact compliment each other. A System Integrator is an expert on configuring your ERP. Alternatively, a Data Integrator is an expert in connecting that ERP into other systems, and ecommerce applications. Our latest guide takes you through the roles and responsibilities of each partner. Ultimately, this will help you distinguish and define each partner’s role in your eCommerce project.

With an expert System Integrator setting up your ERP, your eCommerce Agency, and Data Integration Partner all working towards completing a fully integrated and automated technology stack, you’re more likely to have a project completed on time, on budget, and to your goals and expectations.

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