Bestar Inc: A VL OMNI Case Study


Looking to eliminate data errors and reduce labour? Is your business growing and you find yourself needing to automate operations and adopt more sophisticated EDI?

Download VL’s free case study to see what a leading Canadian company did when they were in the same position. In the case study, you will find out how enterprise integration technology can:

  • Streamline document reception, tracking & translation
  • Eliminate the need for order cleanup
  • Improve communication with trading partners using multiple channels

About Bestar

In 2004, Bestar Inc. of Lac Megantic, Quebec realized that to remain a highly competitive supplier in the retail industry, they would need to highly automate their operations and adopt more sophisticated electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities. Their existing EDI system was showing its age and lack of flexibility. Founded in 1948, Bestar Inc. underwent major corporate restructuring in 2004 after a post-2000 downturn. A new management team and a new manufacturing application meant Bestar was now poised to expand market share and grow.

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