Achieving Operational Excellence Through Data Integration: Enterprise Podcast Network

VL OMNI was thrilled to be featured on the latest episode of Enterprise Podcast Network for their Ecommerce Radio show hosted by Eric Dye, founder and host of EPN & the eHealth Radio Network. The Ecommerce Radio show is a resource hub for ecommerce businesses looking to get industry insights, latest trends, resources, and expert advice to grow their online store. Jessica Thiele, Director of Marketing for VL OMNI is featured in this episode discussing how Merchants can achieve complex goals such as operational excellence and customer experience, how to leverage data beyond the transaction and thrive at this time, and SO much more!

Scale with ease with the right technology solution and partner

With the current global situation and the rapid growth of online shopping, the ecommerce space is moving at an incredible pace. Multichannel brands are looking to become more agile and scalable in order to meet their goals and changing customer expectations. All of this while managing and capitalizing on the changes going around us. Data integration is the mechanism that not only allows for the free-flow of data but alongside the right integration partner, it is a strategic tool for brands and Merchants. Data integration allows Merchants to achieve often complex goals such as operational excellence, unified customer experiences, and more.

Wanting to scale but not sure where to start?

Working with a partner and expert in data integration like VL OMNI is a crucial step to empower your growth. Check out the podcast episode below to learn how automating key back-end systems and processes gives you the freedom to focus on growing your business without spending a lot of time and resources to ensure processes run effectively.

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“Using Data Beyond the Transaction to Create Exceptional Customer Experiences & Achieve Operational Excellence”



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