Lessons In Integration: Preparing for a Successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday – A VL OMNI Ebook

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are closer than you think. These two days are so important to commerce and to multichannel merchants that it gets its own moniker: 


These four letters represent the most intense selling period of the year. Articles on how to prepare for BFCM have been popping up earlier and earlier in each year’s planning cycle as merchants look to out-do their competition as well as their own prior year’s performance. Top brands know that implementing new solutions and onboarding new partners is not something to take lightly or to enact in haste, but rather something to be carefully strategized and implemented. It’s now well established best practice that you should be seriously prepping for BFCM as early as the start of summer.


The name of the game is now ‘prepare thoroughly and prepare early’.

In order to prepare early and thoroughly, start by taking a look at our ebook below. We present to you a real-life story (and accompanying analysis) from real customer shopping on BFCM, and how the merchant took what makes for a great customer experience for granted, ultimately disappointing the customer. This story (and many others like it) serve to highlight the message of that if you neglect any aspect of the customer experience, your customers will notice (and especially true of BFCM). Moreover, a successful BFCM on a merchant’s books is not the same as a successful BFCM from where your customer sits.

In this ebook, VL OMNI breaks down the more important considerations for improving your BFCM is evaluating your integration strategy. After all, your integrations affect everything from your data down to your customer’s experience. Our ebook helps you focus on the important questions your business must ask of itself in order to get a clear picture of the state of your integration processes now — and what can be improved before BFCM 2018.

Keep scrolling to read a free preview of the ebook, and to download your PDF copy.



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