Integrating SellerActive for Better Inventory Management

Managing your inventory can be a pain.

Expanding sales channels, the collapse of B2B and B2C sales, and the constant flow of inventory are just a small handful of challenges ecommerce and omnichannel businesses are faced with today. Adding more confusion to the mix it the constantly evolving landscape of applications, solutions, and partners who all claim to be able to solve every headache you’ve ever had (and all while washing your dishes, too).

The application category of Inventory Management is still an emerging force. Born out of a clear industry need for smart and easy multi-channel inventory management, SellerActive is an established as a heavyweight contender. A clear favorite of online merchants, SellerActive’s multichannel inventory and order management software streamlines key processes. From smarter repricing, to synchronized listings pushed across multiple marketplaces and faster & cheaper order fulfillment, businesses using SellerActive to manage their inventory means a huge step towards better business visibility.

Taking smart inventory management to the next level

But having a great inventory management application on your side is just the start of creating an agile and scalable business. To have a truly effective inventory management system, it means integrating that system into your broader technology stack. Having any one application exist in a bubble or as an island of technology is never a wise strategy in today’s highly interconnected world. To take your business to the next level (or, at the very least, to not hold it back from organic growth), your inventory management application should be fully and smartly integrated into all relevant applications that power your business. (In fact, all your applications should be integrated together in a way that’s strategic, agile, and scalable!)

SellerActive, like many amazing SaaS-based applications in omnichannel world, definitely understands this: their application is fantastic on its own, but to harness its full power, it needs to be tied in to other key applications! So SellerActive, like many amazing SaaS applications out there, comes with an amazing set of pre-built integrations.

But if you’re an active follower of VL’s blog, you know that pre-built integrations (also known as plug-and-play integrations/connectors) will only take your business so far. Plug-and-play integrations are built to have mass audience appeal, which also means they’re built for the lowest common denominator in any application’s ecosystem. If you’re a rapidly scaling business with multiple online and bricks-and-mortar sales channels, you likely have a complex and unique arrangement of other applications that may or may not be configured to exactly how your business needs to use them. If your business is at that point or beyond, you’re no longer in the lowest common denominator category. Like upgrading anything else in your business, if you’ve moved upmarket in your strategy, application mix, or integration needs, it’s time to look at a better fitted solution!

SellerActive and NetSuite ERP: An Example

As you know from our article last week, NetSuite ERP is billed as the #1 Could ERP Software. We reviewed the complexities in particular relation to those businesses using the powerful combination of Netsuite and Shopify Plus, and how this pair up calls for an equally powerful data integration solution that fits your business-as is instead of forcing it to contort to fit a canned solution.

As you might notice from SellerActive’s integrations page, NetSuite isn’t listed as a pre-build connection — and with good reason. NetSuite can be used in so many complex and unique ways by ecommerce and omnichannel businesses that it doesn’t make sense to have a pre-built connector: it requires far too much configuration (and possibly even custom programming). For applications like SellerActive and its users looking to integrate their inventory management to NetSuite and other complex applications, partnering with an expert integration company like VL OMNI makes far more sense.

Not only does VL OMNI have the deep expertise in complex data integrations, we do so with our customers’ strategy at the center of it. Built to fit your business and applications as-is, our integrations are easily configurable and natively agile to change without incurring steep fees for making these changes. Better yet? VL OMNI’s Connectors have the unique ability to apply your business’ rules directly to the data transformation for true, 100% data integration and automation. This means no more field matching or editing data on the other end of an integration!

With over 300 Connectors in VL OMNI’s complete integration library (including EDI!), our integrations also make it extremely easy to fit SellerActive, NetSuite, and many more into a fully-integrated technology ecosystem. So if your business is looking to integrate your SellerActive instance, look no further



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