Integrate Gorgias
With Amazon

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What Is It?

The VL OMNI-Gorgias Connector for Amazon extends the powerful Gorgias platform into Amazon. Merchants using the Gorgias platform can integrate their Amazon Seller Central account in a self-serve ecosystem.


Who Is It For?

Merchants using the Gorgias platform can now be fully integrated and be ready to serve Amazon customers on the Gorgias interface in minutes.


Why Choose Us?

VL OMNI allows Gorgias merchants to improve and consistently deliver on customer experience across all touchpoints. Those using our Connector move their data in ways that matter most to their customer experience.


Key Features

  • Create tickets created both automatically and manually and pull up order and shipment details.
  • Show order and shipment details from Amazon notifications.
  • Merchants are empowered to quickly respond to Amazon customer inquiries —all through the unified Gorgias dashboard

The VL OMNI Gorgias-Amazon Connector

The VL OMNI-Gorgias Connector for Amazon extends the powerful Gorgias platform beyond just Shopify and Shopify Plus into Amazon. Merchants using the VL OMNI Gorgias-Amazon Connector are able to respond directly from the Gorgias platform to your Amazon customers’ inquiries, including:

Our Connector Covers All Your Needs

  • Merchant Order Notifications (Sold, Ship Now)
  • Amazon Fulfillment Order Notifications
  • Multichannel Fullfillment Notifications
  • Inbound Shipment Notifications
  • Inbound Shipment Problem Notifications
  • Merchant Order Notifications (Sold, Ship Now)
  • Pending Returns
  • Claims Notifications
  • Refund Notifications
  • Currently we do not offer Customer Name or Ship-To Details
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Want Gorgias for Amazon? If you’re already a Gorgias User, start here and learn more here*.

*To use this connector, you must already be a Gorgias user. You also must set up communication from Amazon to Gorgias by following these instructions below.

Step 1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account, click on the settings at the top right of the page, and click on notification preferences.

Step 2. Make sure the email address used for the order notifications is the same as the email address you connected to Gorgias.


Step 3. Sign up to VL OMNI’s Gorgias-Amazon Connector and follow the prompts to complete the setup of your VL OMNI Account.