Globalising Your Ecommerce Business

Globalising Your Ecommerce Business

For many businesses building and operating a global ecommerce retail operation is a key opportunity to expand their business. Watch our panel of eCommerce experts tap into their knowledge for a successful journey to globalization.

Global Ecommerce Explained

Global ecommerce is not a luxury or an easy to implement strategy. In fact, going global is a necessity. Put simply, global ecommerce is selling products or services across international borders from a business’s country of origin. This often means its founding or incorporating location.

Products or services are sold into non-native markets via online sales and marketing. To make go global in ecommerce, extensive planning, research and decision-making go into creating a global ecommerce business that generates new and repeat business worldwide.

The Fashion Network & Ecommerce Club presents ‘Globalising Your Ecommerce Business

There’s a lot to think about from architecture and integration, legal and compliance, customer service, product content, logistics, and fulfillment. Listen to our experts discuss the challenges that come with going global with your business and how to sell internationally with Shopify Plus.

Discussion Topics on Global Ecommerce Include:

  • Why go global, the strategic considerations?
  • What team do you need in place?
  • Managing customs & duties
  • Fulfillment & shipping strategies
  • Language & cultural differences
  • Payments, FX & currency considerations
  • 3rd Party Marketplaces
  • Tax & legal implications


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Speakers Include:


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