Get Ready For BFCM and Peak Selling Season 2022 ???? ????

Is your online store prepared for another unprecedented holiday season? Get the secrets to holiday retail success to prepare your eCommerce store for this 2022 peak season.

The 2022 holiday season will be one like no other. This year saw continuing supply chain issues that included bottlenecks from factories to cargo ships, with the increases in the cost of shipping and ongoing inflation, continues to put pressure on both Merchants and consumers for the upcoming peak sales period.

Despite the supply chain issues, customer expectations continue to shift. Merchants shouldn’t forget that customers expect to be delighted when they shop, especially around BFCM where a great shopping experience can either make or break the course of a sale.

To create a great customer experience, retailers must evaluate everything — front to back — and consider tying it all together with better automation, analytics, and data to define blind spots concerning consumer needs and supplier viability.

Let’s take a deeper look into those steps.

Here’s How To Prepare for the 2022 Holiday Season

In the video below, Vanessa, our Marketing Coordinator walks you through four top things you need to bear in mind to prepare for high-volume sales periods like Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), and the holiday rush.

For a more in-depth explanation, keep reading this article. We’ll dive into key steps you need to address to stay ahead of the competition and make this your strongest BFCM and holiday season yet!

Share Your Data Consistently

Sharing your data broadly throughout your organization means that everyone on your team is going to have visibility on that data. This is key to everyone being on the same page, allowing them to see holes or flaws in systems and processes before they happen. 

Sharing your data consistently is paramount in every application your business uses. Your ERP, CRM, WMS, POS system, etc. need to be sharing the same up-to-date data on customers, inventory, products, etc through well-strategized integration processes customized with your business rules. 

Data Compliance Is Key

Sometimes data goes missing or is corrupt. In the era of GDPR, it is essential your business strictly follows the data privacy laws set out by GDPR regulations.

Additionally, make sure your application partners and other systems that move your customer data have their own GDPR compliance regulations in place.


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You Need Elasticity To Operate at Peak Efficiency

During high-volume sales periods, there is an influx of traffic on websites, sales, and pressure on applications across your business. In order to get through this time without major failures, you need to make sure your integrations to your applications are scalable and elastic – just like VL OMNI’s Connectors

Above all, ensure that integrations can grow with you even under the greatest stress that peak seasons bring.

Simplify The Packing and Shipping Process

With the holiday rush just around the corner, you need to prepare to get orders out quickly. Ensure you situate your packing and shipping are in the best location. This includes planning ahead to have a packing and shipping workstation ready, sourcing the right materials and tools, as well as ensuring your team knows the process and where to find materials. 

Drive More Sales This Black Friday Cyber Monday 2022

Making smarter decisions based on your available data, back-office operations, and shipping needs is the way to go when preparing for the holidays. For instance, customers expect to get free shipping, visibility into shipment status, and free returns before making a sale. Thus, your business must consider how to meet changing customer expectations to attract more customers to your online store this holiday season.

If you need support getting your online store ready for the holidays, VL OMNI is here to provide expert guidance in enterprise application integration to help you scale your business.

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