GDPR Reality Check – Does My Business Need A DPO?

Did you miss our informative and fascinating webinar 

“GDPR Reality Check: How Will Regulations Impact My E-commerce Business”? 

We have taken the most key parts of the webinar and cut them into digestible audio clips, giving you the most important information for ecommerce businesses.

Many businesses have misconceptions about if they need to hire a Data Protection Officer or DPO. And rather than just trying to legally figure out if this is necessary to comply with GDPR regulations, it’s important to take a step back and understand the true role of a DPO. This position cannot be taken lightly nor given to someone without the requisite legal background. Hiring a DPO requires a deep understanding of your business data movements, potential risks for breaches and a concrete plan that can protect you in case of a breach.

Listen to this in-depth take at the reasoning around the positives and usefulness of a DPO to protect your business under GDPR compliance.



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