GDPR Reality Check: All About the DIPA (Data Protection Impact Assessment)

Did you miss our highly-watched webinar 

“GDPR Reality Check: How Will Regulations Impact My E-commerce Business”? 

Since GDPR is a multi-faceted and complex set of regulations, we have taken the most important parts of the webinar and cut them into digestible mini-videos, each centered on a single question or topic from the live webinar.

In this segment, we look at the importance of a Data Protection Impact Assessment (also known as a DIPA) under EU-GDPR. For those with a high-risk business (an area of it’s own to understand under GDPR), a DIPA is essential in understanding the highlighting internal risk for breaches. A DIPA should be implemented before new technologies are used to processes data, among other considerations.

Keep scrolling to listen to our expert panelists discuss the importance of a DIPA in regards to EU-GDPR and ecommerce risk management:


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