Exciting News To Come: VL is taking our wealth of integration and omnichannel commerce knowledge on the road!

VL OMNI is starting off 2018 with a bang!

The coming weeks hold some really exciting announcements for VL! All we can say for now is that we’ll be hitting the road to share great information to ecommerce and omnichannel retailers alongside some of our great partners. Stay tuned for our official announcements and press releases!

As you may already know, VL is big on creating educational and relevant content to our audience. We tailor our content to be information-first — no sales pitches here! — so that we can help educate the industry we find ourselves a part of so that all businesses can reach for the stars without being held back by choosing ill-fitted solutions and technology. Our coming announcements will be following this theme, but until then, we leave you with one of our more popular presentations from 2017 from the Shopify Plus 10 City Tour: Toronto Edition. Keep scrolling!


With education and empowering our audience through knowledge at the forefront of much of what VL does, our presentations are always a huge hit with audiences around the world. Of course, attending a live event is the ideal way to interact with any content (and it’s much easier to ask any questions, too!), not everyone is able to make it to all of the events VL attends across North America and the UK. So we do our best to make that content always available to anyone who wants it!

One of our most popular presentations from last year was the one we gave at Shopify’s Toronto Offices as a part of their 10 City Tour. Called “How your data integration strategy can help of hinder long-term scalability and agility“, this presentation first looked to educate the audience on all the ways data integration can be approached from a strategy-first position, and what options are available for businesses at every stage of their growth. We wrapped up the presentation with a generous amount of time dedicated to a real-life case study from one of VL’s own customers, highlighting how selecting a poorly sized integration solution for your business can not only harm your business’s ability to respond quickly to the market, but how it can also derail budgeting and timelines as well.

Missed the presentation? Check out the video below if you’re looking for something closer to a real-live presentation.



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