Understanding Ecommerce Total Cost of Ownership

How Much Does An Ecommerce Website Cost?

Do you know the Ecommerce Total Cost of Ownership of your online store?

To get a site up and running, Merchants need to know the average cost to build an eCommerce website.

This guide will break down how to calculate the average ecommerce website cost of your online store. Whether you are new to eCommerce, or want to expand your business or relocate your costs. Ultimately, you will be able to calculate the ecommerce total cost of ownership of your site.

The challenge with building an eCommerce site is that there are many factors to consider. In fact, all of them will affect the overall cost of your business.

Certified Shopify Plus partners, 1Rockwell and VL OMNI guide you through key eCommerce costs and how to calculate the eCommerce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your online store.

In This Guide, You Will Learn:

  • The Average Cost of an eCommerce Website
  • How to Choose the Right eCommerce Platform For You
  • How to Hire & What Roles Best Fit Your Business
  • The Importance of the Backend of Your Online Store
  • Understand Design & Functionality, Infrastructure Tools
  • Learn Essential Business Systems for Better Scalability

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