How To Create A Winning Ecommerce Business Strategy

Often brands will make mistakes in how to form a multi-channel eCommerce strategy for their business. In fact, most eCommerce brands confuse the difference between Tactics and Strategy. Knowing the difference between these two terms is essential to future-proof your business, starting from your eCommerce business strategy.

What is a “Tactic”? What is “Strategy” in Ecommerce?

Tactics refer to executing specific tasks. A Strategy is looking holistically at the business and brand DNA and creating a plan to integrate data with your business rules.

Why Strategy First?

In today’s hyper-digital space, a business’s applications are key to success. Having clean data in each application is an essential part of your overall strategy. This can allow you to focus on your tactical tasks and integrate your applications together knowing clean and precise data will flow into each application.

Additionally, looking at each application as an individual is also key. No two applications operate or need the same data. Understanding what you need to be successful thoroughly in each application will ease the integration path to success.

Customer Case Study: How to Build A Multi Channel Ecommerce Strategy

For a more detailed explanation, take a look at our latest video, as our CEO, Robin Smith, takes a deep dive into explaining how and why a Strategy First approach is key to successful multichannel eCommerce brands. Build your own eCommerce strategy roadmap to future-proof your business growth.

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