Deliver Your Own Growth: How Strategically Integrated Delivery Can Accelerate GMV – Webinar Slides and Recording

Deliver Your Own Growth: How Strategically Integrated Delivery Can Accelerate GMV

This week, VL OMNI and Lineten co-hosted the webinar of the summer, “Deliver Your Own Growth: How Strategically Integrated Delivery Accelerates GMV”. (And we don’t just say that, either! We’ve never had so many great questions from the audience. Not only did we run longer than anticipated, but we still didn’t have time to answer all the excellent questions that were asked.)

In this jam-packed webinar, there was excellent and engaging discussion from our panellists on the state of ecommerce delivery and how the best world-wide are using delivery as a strategic advantage in growing their GMV. The discussion kicked off with attendees getting a good understanding of the state of ecommerce delivery today, moving quickly into discussing regional differences in delivery (and the competitive edges present in certain markets) and the importance of strategically partnering with integration and delivery experts to grow your business and achieve strategic goals.

But if we could sum up the entire session in a single quote, it would definitely be:

“If you aren’t thinking strategically about fulfillment, you’re not thinking strategically about ecommerce.”

Fulfillment and delivery are often a operational pain point for ecommerce and omnichannel businesses. Strategic thinking is key to competing with Amazon on last-mile delivery and creating an excellent and consistent customer experience. The experts leading our webinar made it clear that delivery is now emerging as a strategic advantage to increasing business growth.

Don’t take our word for it!—You can find your copy of the webinar slides as well as the full recording of the webinar below. There was great discussion from our panellists, and some incredible questions for the audience, so if you missed our on attending the webinar, it’s worth the watch (or re-watch)!






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