Cova and Shopify Plus Integration

Operating in any of the controlled industries is an ongoing exercise in compliance and documentation; operating cross province or state, or cross-border, only augments the need for accuracy across all portals. 

Even though new verticals and industries with specialty focuses are cropping up internationally with increasing frequency, merchants looking to explore new avenues from controlled industries can rest assured that they do not need to blaze new trails when it comes to sourcing technology that will meet the needs of controlled substances merchants: it’s been done before by those with the right expertise!

Enter Cova, designed specifically to support the burgeoning international legalized cannabis, CBD, and edibles market. Retail software designed specifically for cannabis merchants, Cova supports cannabis retail operations with their reliable dispensary POS and digital solutions. Cova aims to make complex operations simple while streamlining workflows so that cannabis merchants can grow and scale effectively with all compliance and regulatory mandates in line for the cannabis industry.

But the responsibility of cannabis merchants to end customers and overseeing regulatory bodies doesn’t end at the point of sale or in-store customer experience; the data entered into Cova’s portal needs to be dispersed into other critical systems for record keeping and fulfillment on purchases. With the Cova-Shopify Plus Connector by VL OMNI, cannabis merchants selling in-store and online can easily unify their ecommerce operations with their in-store Cova systems. As a trusted Shopify Plus Technology Partner and with over 25+ years of experience moving data, VL OMNI has the expertise and experience in controlled industries to ensure your cannabis business is integrated effectively for the long-term.

Integrating Cova with your Shopify Plus Store

Whether you’re an established business that’s ecommerce first, bricks-and-mortar first, or somewhere inbetween, unifying your in-store operations with your ecommerce operations — and the rest of your technology and compliance stack — is a strategic move that can quickly advance your business. 

Because of the newness of the legalized cannabis industry, integrating disparate systems is still an afterthought for cannabis merchants because the focus is to get operations up and running and not necessarily on optimizing systems to run in unison seamlessly. But system unification and high-quality data integration is of critical importance to scaling your cannabis business.

With VL OMNI, point-to-multipoint, serverless, and bidirectional data integration is our default approach made possible by the cutting-edge technology we’ve built. This means our platform has the ability to move data from a single application to many, we’re able to run workflows in parallel without interference with other processes, and all VL OMNI Connectors can move data both into and out of any particular application. All of this, of course, is true for our Cova-Shopify Plus VL OMNI Connector as it is true of all VL OMNI Connectors.

The VL OMNI platform also includes discrete business rules via our business rules engine as a part of all of our Connectors, applied directly to the data as it moves between applications. This means your data is treated exactly how your business needs it to be treated, and cumbersome manual processes become unnecessary. We work directly with you to make sure all knowns and unknowns are planned and accounted for, keeping you agile and scalable for the long-run. This is especially important in controlled substance industries; documentation and compliance reports need to flow quickly and in the correct form to all necessary portals. The alternative to agile and scalable data integration that fits your cannabis business exactly on the first go is either trying to force lowly plug-and-play integrations to fit your unique business needs (they won’t), or manually entering data to ‘move’ it from one portal to another, opening your business to the risk of transposition and entry errors. Is it really worth the risk?

VL OMNI provides integrations for merchants that are looking for agile and scalable data flow between their front end Shopify Plus store and there back end solution such as Cova. With over 25+ years of integration experience covering numerous systems that are often requiring point-to-multipoint and not just a single workflow, merchants that are seeking that next level of integrations can work with VL OMNI to grow their business.

Need Cova Integration?

* Integrations only avaliable to Canadian Merchants/Businesses 



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