Our Configured Connectors and iPaaS Managed Service

How do iPaaS managed services work?

We at VL OMNI know that the usefulness of data is not limited only to the ways it can be moved between applications. It’s also about how data can be transformed by integration and automation in meaningful ways. In this video, we explain how VL OMNI’s configured connectors work and how our iPaaS service is set up and works. Plus, discover the benefits of our configured integration connectors for your business’ growth.

Watch Torrey explain our configured connectors and our iPaaS managed service.


We are iPaas!

Welcome to point-to-multipoint data integration. Adding, modifying, or removing any integrations between any applications doesn’t need to be done in a linear function. Not only does this mean that businesses using VL OMNI can automate the data between applications in ways that best serve their needs, but that this movement can be done in a single workflow. Additionally, it often encompass any number of applications.

With an iPaaS solution like VL OMNI, multichannel merchants can clearly define and separate data touchpoints across their eCommerce stack. After all, understanding what makes your business unique allows us to provide your business agility to sell across the eCommerce landscape

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