How to Create a Flawless Customer Journey for Black Friday & Cyber Monday (Infographic)

Our infographic below focuses on how to create a flawless customer journey by making improvements to business data movements and your integration strategy. All in preparation for Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM).

Create a Flawless Customer Experience

It’s time to make this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday your best yet. Believe it or not, now is the best time to make improvements to your technology stack and integration strategy to make sure your eCommerce business is prepared for every possibility. 

Some key takeaways of the guide include:

  • Understanding the ways your data moves in your business and how this movement can impact things as seemingly far-reaching as customer experience, to the importance of sharing your business’ data broadly and consistently.
  • Learn how sharing your customer’s data securely is paramount in the post GDPR-era. 
  • Make sure your organization has built-in scalability to handle every eventuality, including the flood of orders that BFCM usually brings!

Remember, a great looking eCommerce storefront is just the start: don’t forget the back-end! The combination of the technology you use to power your business and how you connect your applications together can either mean free-flowing, accurate data in all portals instantly to form a holistic customer experience — or the exact opposite. 

Take a closer look and download our infographic on how to create a flawless customer journey.



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