Integrate Bigcommerce, Amazon, Infusionsoft, and Epicor with VL OMNI

Data integration is a tricky subject to understand when you’re not an expert. When it comes to agile and highly sophisticated approaches like VL OMNI’s, we do our best to present how VL OMNI works in a variety of ways.  Here’s a recap of how the Bigcommerce, Amazon, and Epicor integration works.

Agile Integration Between Bigcommerce, Epicor, and Amazon

In this video, we will show how our integration between the following tech stack works:


Have some or all of this mix of applications?

VL OMNI can apply business-specific rules directly to the data transformation, from source application to target application(s), leaving you with perfectly integrated and automated data, every time.

Our integrations can move data in real-time. Need to unify your applications and data across your business?

With VL OMNI, you can apply strategy to how your application integrations are arranged to keep your business agile and scalable, allowing for accelerated growth!

Watch the video below to see a conceptual visualization of VL OMNI’s ability to integrate the platforms. Bigcommerce, Epicor, and Amazon.


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