Benefits of the Analytics Page of the VL OMNI Dashboard

Benefits of the Analytics Page of the VL OMNI Dashboard 

In today’s world, mastering data-driven decision making is paramount for business growth. More businesses are relying on data to help them identify challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and make timely decisions that could affect their bottom line. With this in mind, leading technologies such as the VL OMNI Dashboard and its Analytics page seek to empower Merchants with the most compelling data about both their business operations and customers.

This is where the VL OMNI Dashboard and its Analytics page come into play to enable users to make smarter business decisions based on real-time data, both operationally and financially.

Let’s dive deep into how to make analytics work for your business, and the benefits you can expect to gain from the VL OMNI Dashboard and Analytics page.

More Knowledge, Better Direction, Greater Growth

The VL OMNI Dashboard allows VL OMNI customers to view and analyze real-time data of all their channels, trading partners, and applications integrated by VL OMNI. Further, the Dashboard provides business intelligence on the performance of sales channels. Elements such as Transaction Activity, Products, and Revenue from all active sales channels are aggregated in a single unified view. While the data collected oversees a wide range of sales channels integrated by VL OMNI, it is important you can make sense of key insights.

That’s where the VL OMNI Dashboard Analytics page, and more specifically, those metrics geared directly to your ecommerce business, come into play.

Understand Your Data, Understand Your Business

More than an analytics interface, our Dashboard provides powerful insights layered on top of full channel visibility. The Dashboard automatically pulls together available data into charts and graphs that give a sense of the immediate state of your business. Enter the Analytics page of the VL OMNI Dashboard.

Current customers of VL OMNI on Tier 2 or higher of the VL OMNI’s packages have access to the Analytics page and its extended key metrics to monitor the health of their business and identify areas that require additional attention.

But what exactly is the Analytics page?

The Analytics Page is VL OMNI’s business intelligence solution to help your business increase revenue, optimize business processes, and cultivate customers.

As one of the most important ecosystems of the Dashboard, the Analytics page is designed to provide clarity via a variety of charts, graphs, and other metrics into business processes, empowering users to make more informed future-thinking decisions.

Refreshed hourly, this Analytics page ultimately offers full channel visibility by delivering insights into your customers, products, and finances. That’s the “why” of using eCommerce analytics tools like the Analytics page. The additional insight you have access to, the more profound knowledge you can gather on the performance of your business. Consequently, transforming data into actionable insights that inform your business decisions.

Benefits of Analytics

While using the VL OMNI Dashboard is the best way to observe data moving through your account and to note changes for quick action or strategic improvement, here are four great benefits the Analytics page has to offer:

1. Streamline data and achieve holistic operations

The Analytics Page pulls powerful data together from across channels to unify them in a way that provides VL OMNI customers with a visual and powerful unified view of their whole business.

Regardless of the number of tabs/channels included in your VL OMNI Dashboard, the first tab contains insights into all your integrated sales channels. This includes a high-level overview of your business’ sales, number of orders, and average order value. Any subsequent tabs contain data specific to that channel; for example, Shopify/Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, and Amazon (see image below).

This holistic view of your data allows you to discover certain networks that are interrelated with each other and note changes for quick action or strategic improvement.

2. Drill into specific metrics on specific channels

Interacting with and understanding the information displayed on the Analytics Page is important to understand your business’ current performance, but also to understand how to achieve operational excellence.

There are a number of ways users can set and interact with data displayed in the charts, graphs, and tables on the Analytics Page. For instance, users can interact directly with any views by setting data parameters, hover over any data point to view its exact metric, set and remove filters, and even download data.


Some of the valuable graphs that current VL OMNI customers find extremely useful are:

  • Average Fulfilment Time by Order Date:
  • Average Fulfilment Time Per SKU
  • Fulfillment Time by Province/State

These three graphs are especially useful for identifying potential bottlenecks in your overall business and empower you to see where improvements can be made.

3. Better decision making based on performance

Instead of relying on high-end consultancy firms to make big business decisions, why not let the data do all the talking for you? 

Because we at VL OMNI have access to your business’s order data and fulfillment data, we are able to augment the information together to give you a better understanding of it. The VL OMNI Dashboard not only helps VL customers to gather and process data, glean relevant insights from it but also save valuable time.  For example, users can view data and filter conditions such as average order value, customer ID, date, number of orders, sales, transaction type, and more, all done through a single point of access which is the Analytics page.

These insights along with metrics, in turn, are extremely powerful at informing operations and efficiencies outside of your VL OMNI integrations and drive data-driven decisions. With your business acting on problems quickly, your bottom line doesn’t suffer from inefficiencies. 

4. Understand customer retention, then improve customer experience 

Last but not least, operational analysis can help increase customer satisfaction, and then consequently, help your business deliver a great customer experience. Although the VL OMNI Dashboard does not tell business users exactly what to do, it offers a way for users to examine data, understand trends, and derive insights. By interacting with the Analytics page of the VL OMNI Dashboard, you can maintain a keen eye on which channels are helping expand your business and those that aren’t, or how often customers interact with your brand.

Insightful charts and graphs such as the Return Customer Rate, Average Fulfillment Time, Number of Orders by Credit Card Type, and Coupon Code Usage are indicative of your business’ ability to retain customers, customer activity, and performance of campaigns that indicate customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Ecommerce analytics like our Dashboard Analytics Page lay the groundwork to help you gain a broader and deeper perspective of how data moves through your business, and where improvements and innovations can be made. All in all, it helps you accelerate your growth faster. While you have all your various sales channels integrated by VL OMNI, make use of the Analytics page to accumulate actionable data. It’s recommended that users interact with the VL OMNI Dashboard regularly to keep track of metrics and daily e-retail operations. Ultimately, your understanding of data informs your business’ decision and ability to scale, grow, and build a more robust future for itself.[vc_row css=”.vc_custom_1593183911662{background-image: url( !important;background-position: center !important;background-repeat: no-repeat !important;background-size: cover !important;}”][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″][vc_column_inner width=”1/4″]

More on the VL OMNI Dashboard

The Dashboard connects and unifies all your channels and technology, making it easy to track orders, identify errors, and fix them across various sales channels, all in a single point of access for your VL OMNI integrations.



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