How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost in 2021? eCommerce Cost Analysis

Want to know how much an eCommerce website costs to build in 2021? Get this ebook to learn about the average cost to build an eCommerce website and how to calculate the total cost of ownership of your eCommerce business. Dive into our eCommerce website price list and understand the importance of the front-end and back-end of your eCommerce website.

How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost?

“How can I calculate the cost of building an eCommerce business?” That is a question we get a lot from businesses who are new to eCommerce, are looking to expand their eCommerce business, or want to relocate their costs.

While the average cost to build an ecommerce website can range anywhere from US $5,000 to $100,000+ per year, it typically varies depending on your location, number of products, available staff, budget, and more importantly, business needs. In general, retailers should take into account profit margins, channels where products are sold, product catalog’s complexity, methods of acquiring and retaining customers, return policies, etc.

But, why is there such a wide range of considerations when designing your online store? Not all eCommerce sites are the same. Ecommerce site cost comes down to how much e-commerce functionality your business needs to grow and scale.

So, how can I calculate the cost of building an eCommerce business?

The best way to calculate the cost of building an eCommerce website is to compare different eCommerce platforms, the average cost to hire an eCommerce team, tools plus add-ons, and additional services that you will need based on the needs and complexity of your business.

The table below shows an eCommerce website price list to help you understand ecommerce site costs. For a more detailed explanation of each of these items, keep reading!

Ecommerce Site Costs

ElementRelated Costs (USD)
Ecommerce PlatformUS $29 to over $300
Ecommerce TeamUS $52,000 to  $100,000+, depending on role.
Website Design: Agency Related ExpensesUS $2,500 to  $100,000+, project details dependant.
Added functionality: Apps and Add-onsUS Free to  $500+/month.
System Integration for streamlined back-office operations, including ERP, CRM and other systemsUS Free to $75,000+, project details and ERP dependant. Monthly costs  US $600+/month.
Business tools and eCommerce technologyUS Free to  $500+/month.

Download the ebook below for a complete ecommerce website price list.


Understanding The Total Cost of An Ecommerce Website

Before making any decisions for your business, you need to have a clear action plan to prioritize key needs and avoid overspending. It all starts with building an internal understanding of how to run a business online/offline. This guide will help you get there.

In this comprehensive ebook, Certified Shopify Plus partners, VL OMNI and One Rockwell guide you through how much an eCommerce website costs in 2021 and how to maximize profits.

Total Cost of Ownership of an Ecommerce Website: By the Numbers will help answer questions like:

  • What are the expenses not just financially but in time, effort and attrition means you need?
  • How can you navigate the many steps to be made when growing an online eCommerce presence?
  • How to choose the right eCommerce platform for your business?
  • What eCommerce essential expenses should you outsource?
  • How to choose who to hire and what eCommerce roles fit your business?
  • How can you get started with eCommerce site development?
  • What business tools and systems are key for streamlined operations and better scalability?


Download it here

Read our informative eCommerce ebook to learn:

  • What is the eCommerce Total Cost of Ownership of your site? Dive into a comprehensive ecommerce website price list to understand the overall ecommerce website cost.
  • Things to consider for your eCommerce platform. Determine what platform can grow with your business.
  • List of eCommerce roles to hire – you’ll be surprised at the findings.
  • How much does site development cost? Hire a partner agency to guide the project and provide expert advice on the website design.
  • Powerful backend technology you should implement. Dive into the importance of APIs and the importance of the backend of an ecommerce website. Plus, determine what eCommerce applications should be part of your tech stack.
  • Key factors to consider when looking for an integration solution. We provide our expertise to help you choose the right integration provider for your business.
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