BEAUTI Breaks Growth Barriers With Shopify Plus D365 Finance and Operations Integration

Reducing manual processes and workarounds unlocked the flexibility and efficiency needed to deliver great customer experiences for BEAUTI’s client base. Let’s take a look at BEAUTI’s journey creating an ultimate unified experience with Shopify Plus and Microsoft Dynamics Finance and Operations integration.    

Established in November of 2018 by the holding, BEAUTI comes from the desire to cater to Saudi Arabia’s most discerning clientele. From its flagship store in Jeddah, the company has made its presence known by its unique attention to customer needs and dedication to first-rate customer service standards.

BEAUTI has become one of the most innovative beauty and personal care companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Offering a lineup of thoughtfully selected luxury products from the world’s most loved brands, BEAUTI is a destination that guarantees a seamless experience to their clients offering authentic international luxury brands while maintaining spectacular customer service, shipping services, and unexpected surprises to customers.

With over 300 brands on their website and physical store in Jeddah, BEAUTI houses the most desired, 100% authentic makeup, perfume, skincare, haircare, wellness, and lifestyle products in the region. Growing in the eCommerce marketplace internationally, BEAUTI was looking for an agile and scalable integration solution that would connect their Shopify Plus eCommerce store with their ERP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

Case Study: The Need for Seamless Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Shopify Integration

BEAUTI’s team met VL OMNI at the second annual Shopify Plus event in Dubai. They wanted to remove their dependence on manual processes and knew they needed a robust integration solution to do so. They were unsatisfied with the current solutions on the market as they could not tailor the solution to their specific needs.

By utilizing expertise by integration veteran VL OMNI, BEAUTI reconfigured their ecommerce strategy to include seamless Shopify integration with Dynamics 356 Finance and Operations.

The Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Shopify Connector eliminated manual processes and was configured to the specific business rules of BEAUTI. This integration solution allowed the beauty retailer to improve their customer experience standards to better serve their customers.

Creating An Omnichannel Commerce Experience with Back-end Integration

Merchants like BEAUTI sync Customers, Orders, Products, Shipments, and Price data between Shopify Plus and Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with our Integration Connector. With our pre-built integration Connector, BEAUTI can do all key operations in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and key eCommerce processes in Shopify Plus. All without having to manually sync data back and forth or duplicate processes like manual data entry. Seamlessly connecting both their ERP system and eCommerce platform ultimately benefits the eCommerce experience.

BEAUTI’s Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Shopify Integration

Let’s go through the overall integration process created by VL OMNI for BEAUTI.

Orders and Shipments

When orders are made on their Shopify Plus store, the order information is picked up by VL OMNI via webhook. The Order information flows to their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations ERP via API call. An order is open on Microsoft Dynamics 365 until marked as fulfilled.

Once the order has been fulfilled in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, another event is then fired off in the webhook set up by VL OMNI. VL then takes this information and delivers it into Shopify via API call. This call closes the order in Shopify Plus and marks it as invoiced/complete.


Updated inventory information is picked up by VL OMNI from Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This happens via API call at a schedule and then updated information passes along to Shopify Plus via API. The information on Shopify’s end will then reflect any inventory information changes.

Price and Product

Updated Pricing information is picked up by VL OMNI from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations via API call. Price changes will then appear to reflect updates on Shopify’s end. New Products and updated existing products on D365 are then picked up from the API call. Then, the updated information passes along to BEAUTI’s Shopify Plus store.

Benefits of Shopify & Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Integration

The benefits of VL OMNI’s Shopify Plus Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations integration include:

  • Have a holistic view of your business
  • Agile to change integrations, apply business rules to the integration solution as needed
  • Timely order fulfillment
  • Accurate product availability
  • Faster order processing
  • Real-time visibility into order status, sales channels, and more!

Learn more about our Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Shopify integration.

Ultimately, all these improvements are leading to major benefits for BEAUTI’s customers. Thus, increased operational efficiency means faster turnaround times on customer orders.

Expanded cloud capabilities and support for more complex workflows are enabling BEAUTI to focus on refining their customer experience. All in all, the integration solution helps BEAUTI save time and money. So they can focus on growing their business and selling more.

Growth Results and Sophisticated Customer Experience

By automating BEAUTI’s backend applications in combination with their specific international business rules, VL OMNI helped inform their eCommerce strategy. In the end, BEAUTI reduced the need for manual processes empowered by our integration solution that fits their specific business rules.

With our Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Shopify Plus integration in place, BEAUTI is benefiting from an even higher level of functionality. Thus, BEAUTI is constantly elevating their customer experience to the luxury level they desired their customers to have.

Ultimately, BEAUTI has broken barriers to growth and scalability. Thus, the Shopify integration with D365 Finance and Operations has helped the retailer reach its full business potential. VL OMNI continues to provide future strategic planning expertise to assist any BEAUTI future integration plans.

Integrate Shopify with D365 Finance and Operations

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