When Should My Business Integrate?

One of the key questions we at VL OMNI are asked often is “When should my business integrate?” And more than often, this question evolves into “How do I know my business is ready for integration?” or “At what point, do I know I need my back-end processes to be automated?”

There are a few key metrics that can simply tell Merchants when they are over that threshold and require an agile and scalable integration solution to connect their disparate applications together. Some signs that indicate when to integrate and the need for an integration process in place:

  1. Managing 20 orders a day manually
  2. Managing baskets that are $100 or less manually

Merchants: Does this sound familiar?

Once you have hit the above metrics, adding in automation to eliminate manual data entry will enable your business to reduce manual errors tenfold and improve your overall customer experience. When Merchants are at this threshold of growth, it is so important to make sure all your business processes, both back-end, and front-end activities are all working to improve and solidify your customer experience.

What are some benefits of data integration?

  • Reduce chargebacks
  • Speed up business processes significantly
  • Reduce errors and stress
  • Improve customer experiences that create customer retention and loyalty.

So, when should your business move away from manual processes and into seamless and agile integrations?

Let our knowledgeable Technical Coordinator Bob, tell you all about it.

Are you ready for agile and scalable data integration?

Learn how to build an integration strategy from the ground up

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