The VL OMNI Dashboard and Its Key Features (Infosheet)

After years in production, we here at VL OMNI are so proud to finally release The VL OMNI Dashboard! Now available to all VL OMNI iPaaS customers, provides business intelligence on the performance of all your channels, trading partners, and satellite applications integrated by VL OMNI. More than just an analytics interface, the VL OMNI Dashboard provides powerful insights layered on top of full channel visibility. A single point of access for your VL OMNI integrations, the Dashboard not only connects and unifies all your channels, suppliers, trading partners, technology.

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Benefits of Using the DashboardKey Features of the VL OMNI Dashboard |

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Benefits of the VL OMNI Dashboard

The VL OMNI Dashboard allows our customers to be able to view and analyze real-time data of their sales channels including, orders, fulfillment, products, and revenue from all active sales channels in a single unified view. By using the VL OMNI, our customers are no longer left with having to manually aggregate and unify their own data but instead can have an accurate, holistic view of all their sales channels in this single portal.

Key VL OMNI Dashboard Features

    • View Transactions, Sessions, and Product activity
    • View workflow schedules and the last time they ran.
    • Observe Channel activity
    • Channel Analytics
    • View Transaction activity
    • View and sort orders by fulfillment status
    • Key alerts and notifications on performance
    • Download data as CSV
    • View important messages, as well as daily reports.
    • Download account and billing information
    • 24/7 access to Dashboard Status updates
    • And more!