What is EDI? VL OMNI EDI In The Cloud

VL OMNI has been in the EDI business for 26+ years. For the growing business faced with multiple retailers and trading partner EDI requirements, VL OMNI and EDI Desktop are a full-service EDI solution. Ensuring compliance across all EDI partners, businesses using an ERP or accounting platform that cannot provide compliant data for these purposes have a robust and scalable solution in hand for the long term. Making EDI in the cloud easier for your business.

Our EDI Services – EDI In The Cloud

  •  Purchase Order subsystem
  •  Invoice processing subsystem
  •  Pic & Pac subsystem for ASN compliance
  •  Manual Pack, Factory Pack, Speed Pack options
  •  Open database to allow integration to other systems
  •  Open database to allow integration to other systems
  •  EDI Desktop can be used as a front end validation system prior to data being exported to the host system
  •  And so much more!

Hear about our history and evolution of EDI from rip-and-read to eCommerce EDI in the Cloud. Let us be your EDI expert.



Integrate all of your EDI trading partner requirements to your ERP with VL OMNI’s EDI Desktop