Introducing LCBO-Shopify VL OMNI Connector

For Ontario wine and liquor distributors, the process of updating inventory data has never been easy or efficient. In general, a simple spreadsheet is emailed to you. Then you must manually input data to your website or other internal applications. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could automate the inventory update process?

Introducing LCBO-Shopify Connector by VL OMNI. An easy way to connect and automate the LCBO inventory process to your Shopify store.

About the Connector

The VL OMNI LCBO-Shopify Connector allows Ontario wine and liquor distributors to automate the inventory update process that is currently slow, cumbersome, and easily allows errors to happen. Therefore, VL OMNI and ecommerce agency, Little Rocket, have come together to create a solution that automates the LCBO inventory process to a Shopify website that can be customized with your brand. The solution consists of: a front-end ecommerce website using Shopify, and a theme template designed by Little Rocket. For instance, the template was specifically designed for The VL OMNI LCBO inventory flow. As experts in the Shopify ecommerce and data integration spaces, VL OMNI and Little Rocket are working closely with Merchants to design cohesive projects from end-to-end.

Are you looking to integrate your LCBO inventory right to your Shopify store, creating less manual data entry and enhanced customer experience?

You can now download the Infosheet below and learn more about our Connector!




It’s time to connect LCBO inventory process to your Shopify store.

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