Data Integration 101 – A Complete Introductory Guide to Data Integration

What is Data Integration and why is it important?

Like any new concept, it is important to first understand the fundamentals. Data integration and the ways in which you can automate your back end systems is a complex and strategic exercise. In fact, the better understanding you and your company have of the basics, the better able you will be to understand its strategic business benefits and how it can accelerate your growth. Often overlooked, agile and scalable data integration is really the most important part of your multichannel strategy. Integrations have the ability to completely eliminate manual processes and tie your systems together, allowing your business to save hugely on time, money and costly mistakes.

We’re going back to the basics — the fundamentals of Data Integration

This ebook is essential for beginners. From how data is processed, to different approaches, to how to form a robust strategy and why data integration is important for the growth of your business, this guide covers it all. As commerce both in the physical world and online continues to advance, data integration is the key to being able to rise to new levels. The industry of data integration isn’t getting any simpler, nor is it going away. Now more than ever, your understanding of data integration informs your decision and your business’ ability to scale, grow, and build a more robust future for itself.

In this ebook, you will find more information on the following topics:

  1. What is Data Integration and what are some of its approaches?
  2. Ways to move data – Real-Time vs. Batch Processing
  3. Data Integration vs Data Validation
  4. The Importance of Data Integration and thinking strategically

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