The Top 20 Ecommerce Trends For 2020

A new decade brings new opportunities and potential for ecommerce growth

Who knows where we will be by 2030? We can only take educated guesses regarding the future of ecommerce. Based on the last decade we know that there will be changes at almost break-neck speeds in 2020 and beyond. So much in ecommerce has developed in the past ten years that we are in new territory in the company of new ideas like Headless Commerce and Blockchain.

A recap of the past decade for ecommerce

The past decade was focused on building the functionality and infrastructure for ecommerce that allowed it to be on par, and in some places replace traditional in-person commerce. With giants like Bigcommerce and Shopify empowering individuals to go directly to the consumer, alongside major marketplaces allowing next-day delivery like Amazon and Walmart, customer expectations have risen to new heights. Customer experience was the key focus in the later half of the decade and it has continued to develop and mature into 2019.

The future of ecommerce 

For 2020 – Merchants and businesses will have to reflect on their core practices and integration strategies in order to meet major players for the attention of customers. Being anything less than the best in customer experience and staying on the cutting edge of technology is necessary to stand up to the test of time.

2020 will truly test ecommerce businesses on their abilities to implement agile changes to empower lasting growth!

So where is ecommerce in 2020 and the next decade headed? What are the trends Merchants must keep in mind and implement to remain on top?

Check out our latest infographic to find out! 



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