Coming Up In October: Ecommerce Events in Toronto

Coming Up In October: Ecommerce Events in Toronto

It’s already October! The lessons from the Back-to-School season have been learned, and it’s time to put those lessons to use while we all prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Some of our team has taken VL OMNI on the road, as we lead some amazing discussions and presentations at events in the UK and UAE. Luckily, for those staying in Toronto, there is always so much going on. It’s time to get into the city and experience one of these many opportunities to gather information, learn from experienced individuals and share your experiences. Come find me at some of these amazing events around Toronto this month:

 StartupTech TO – October 1st

Branded as a fireside chat with other industry-leading successful professionals. This is a great opportunity to meet people who have been down the startup road. Starting with simple introductions and followed up with a Q and A – the event is designed to put you, the listener, in control of what is discussed. Ak the questions that matter to your business the most. Learn from past experiences of your peers and discover a new way to accomplish your start-up goals. 


AWS Summit Toronto – October 3rd 

Curious about how AWS works? Want to know a bit more about how to code in an increasingly cloud-based world? It’s no secret that Amazon is dominating the market in many aspects. Few know that the majority of their profit comes from their Amazon Web Services. For those who use AWS, this is a great opportunity to meet other AWS professionals and learn about how AWS is changing the world.


F*ckUP Nights: Toronto – October 17th

Everyone is quick to discuss how they are successful and what they did right. But any successful entrepreneur will tell you, it took a few failures to find their footing before they hit it big. You can also learn a lot of a mistake, even if it was someone else’s mistake. And that is the essence of this amazing event! At F*ckUp Nights, successful entrepreneurs come in to teach about something everyone experiences in life. Discussing failures in their past and even their present business, listeners have the opportunity to learn from past mistakes. But more importantly, listeners learn that all successful people have a very common trait that is required by any who look to grow a business: Perseverance. Come learn, and laugh with those that have been down the roads of failure before and see first hand the power of pushing past the bad times, to find those good times. 


TechTO – October 21st 

This event is for all things Technology in Toronto. Hear a series of Tedtalk style presentations, as successful business owners discuss how they’re disrupting the market and serving their customers better with new or improved technologies. Technology is always changing, and Toronto is quickly becoming a leader. Don’t miss the memo on some of the amazing things Tech entrepreneurs are creating right here in Toronto.


 RetailTO – October 28th 

RetailTO is one of my favorite events to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the Retail space. Not just for eCommerce companies, RetailTO touches on some of the amazing technology that’s up and coming in the retail space.  Plus its a great opportunity to network with many who have a lot of experience in retail and no matter where you sell, the insight will be invaluable. This is a must catch if you’re involved in the Retail space in Toronto. 

Every month I meet and learn from so many amazing people, and I’m very excited to see who I run into this month. All of these events have so much insight, and I highly recommend anyone who’s looking to develop their skills, attend where ever possible. Going to one of these events and want to set up a conversation with me? Make sure to reach out, I’d love to chat with you! 

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