VL OMNI Gorgias – Amazon Connector: The hottest customer support helpdesk for Shopify extends its reach into Amazon for multichannel merchants

The hottest customer support helpdesk for Shopify extends its reach into Amazon for multichannel merchants


As a merchant, you know that your customers want to talk with you where they are, how they want, when they want. There’s no way around meeting your customers’ needs as they expect to be met if you want to reach the top. A flawless customer experience is a must-have for Merchants, and a large part of customer experience is communicating with your customers.

Enter Gorgias.io

Gorgias noticed that customer communication for Merchants who sell across a number of channels—online, marketplaces, brick-and-mortar, native social commerce, B2B, B2C, you name it—were almost untenable to manage at scale. Customer communication and customer support is traditionally a time-consuming process where you ultimately have to log in to the channel the customer is interacting with you brand on and having to manually address the needs at hand.

So Gorgias got to work, starting with one of the most popular ecommerce platforms: Shopify. Solving the problem of time-consuming customer communication here first before extending the platform out into other Shopify-connected apps and channels, it’s no small wonder Gorgias has gone from 0 to 100 and is now one of the most popular Shopify extensions out there.

So, if Gorgias could solve customer communication for Shopify, turning it from manual and cumbersome to semi-automated and highly efficient and effective, where else could Gorgias solve customer communication and improve on customer experience for Merchants? Afterall, communication is not a challenge that’s exclusive to Shopify: it’s common between all channels.

The VL OMNI Gorgias-Amazon Connector

After identifying the great desire to extend the flawless customer service provided by the powerful customer support helpdesk Gorgias into Amazon, it was quick work for VL OMNI to work alongside Gorgias and get this new Connector out to the hungry Merchant market. While we quietly launched this new VL OMNI Gorgias-Amazon Connector back in June at IRCE, we’re proud to announce that this new Connector has already been downloaded and installed by many Merchants—without any promotion! Clearly, Gorgias for Amazon is a hot commodity! 

Want Gorgias for Amazon? If you’re already a Gorgias User, start here and learn more here*.

*To use this connector, you must already be a Gorgias user. You also must set up communication from Amazon to Gorgias by following these instructions.

The VL OMNI-Gorgias Connector for Amazon extends the powerful Gorgias platform beyond just Shopify and Shopify Plus into Amazon, and there are already plans underway for further integration to other platforms to be launched by VL OMNI for Gorgias in the near future. 

Merchants using the Gorgias platform can now integrate their Amazon Seller Central account in a self-serve ecosystem, and can fully integrated and be ready to serve Amazon customers on the Gorgias interface in minutes. Merchants on both Shopify/Shopify Plus and Amazon can now manage all customer support requests from email, live chat, phone, and social media, including editing/refunding orders, cancelling subscriptions, awarding loyalty points, and more in one click. Merchants using Shopify or Shopify Plus who also sell on Amazon can now automatically manage customer support requests from both channels in a single, unified customer management ecosystem on Gorgias. 

With the VL OMNI Gorgias-Amazon Connector, Merchants on Gorgias will see Order, Item and Customer information from Amazon alongside their customer requests from Shopify/Shopify Plus, empowering Merchants to quickly respond to Amazon customer inquiries just as they would for Shopify customer inquiries—all through the unified Gorgias dashboard.

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Gorgias transforms your customer support into a profit center. It enables over 1200 Ecommerce merchants to manage all their customer service  – Facebook, emails, chat – in a unified platform integrated with Shopify. Developed with Automation and Monetization at its core, Gorgias builds your brand with each customer interaction.

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