Coming Up In September: Ecommerce Events in Toronto

Coming Up In September: Ecommerce Events in Toronto

It’s September!  The back-to-school days will shortly be wrapping up, and for many ecommerce businesses it’s a sign of what’s to come. As we head into Black Friday Cyber Monday and the eventual Holiday Season. Is your ecommerce strategy ready to capitalise on the influx business? Well, if you don’t think you’re ready, there’s is some good news! Toronto is filled with amazing ecommerce events that’ll help you prepare and capitalize on the major sale season. VL OMNI is hitting the road this month to visit our friends and partners and attend events in both the UK and The United Arab Emirates, where we’ll be helping amazing merchants get ready for what will be an amazing ecommerce opportunities. For those that are staying local (like me) why not attend some of these amazing events around the city of Toronto to prepare and generate an amazing sale season.

 GTA eCommerce Meetup – September 3rd

GTA ecommerce is a great opportunity to meet other shooting stars involved in ecommerce. This event ring has four amazing presenters who’ve become successful in the fast growing ecommerce industry. The presenters discuss and highlight some of the challenges, success and solutions all hopeful ecommerce companies should consider. Plus, the event ends on an amazing networking opportunity, making this a must attend for any who’d like to one day, be a successful ecommerce owner. 

 SalesTO – September 10th 

Involved in Sales? Looking for new ways to think about how to sell to your prospects? Come out to SalesTO and learn from industry leading professionals as they get into the nitty gritty that separates good salespeople from amazing salespeople. In a panel style discussion, sales leaders at successful companies discuss amazing sales ideas and highlight what it takes to be the best salesperson you can be. Of course, with a room filled with keen talkers, you can guarantee there’ll be some stellar networking, so stick around and you’ll surely link up with some beneficial connections. 

Startup Drinks – September 11th 

If you’re looking to meet people involved in startups, than this is the event for you. Come out and have a drink, while you talk with and learn from other members in the startup space. Discuss common challenges, powerful solutions, or just make a connection. You never know who you’ll meet and what answers you’ll find. 

 TechTO – September 16th 

This event is for all things technology in Toronto. Hear a series of TedTalk style presentations, as successful business owners discuss how they’re disrupting the market and serving their customers better with new or improved technologies. Technology is always changing, and Toronto is quickly becoming a leader. Don’t miss the memo on some of the amazing things Tech entrepreneurs are creating right here in Toronto.

F*ckUP Nights: Toronto – September 19th 

Everyone is quick to discuss how they are successful and what they did right. But any successful entrepreneur will tell you, it took a few failures to find their footing before they hit it big. You can also learn a lot of a mistake, even if it was someone else’s mistake. And that is the essence of this amazing event! At F*ckUp Nights, successful entrepreneurs come in to teach about something everyone experiences in life. Discussing failures in their past and even their present business, listeners have the opportunity to learn from past mistakes. But more importantly, listeners learn that all successful people have a very common trait that is required by any who look to grow a business: Perseverance. Come learn, and laugh with those that have been down the roads of failure before and see first hand the power of pushing past the bad times, to find those good times. 

F*ckUP Nights: eCommerce – September 25th 

This event series seems to be growing every month, and coming out with new niche events. In this event, eCommerce professionals discuss their failures. It’s a great opportunity to learn from others mistakes, while seeing how perseverance is the lifeblood to a successful business. 



There you have it! Come out, network and learn with some amazing like minded entrepreneurs as we all rev up to make the second half of 2019 one to remember! If you plan to be at any of these events, reach out to me. I’d love to chat with you! 


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