VL OMNI and Lineten Announce Live Discussion on Growing GMV for Merchants With Strategy in Mind

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July 16th, 2019VL OMNI, in partnership with Lineten, are excited to announce their first joint webinar this coming Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019. This one-time limited session is tailored towards international ecommerce and multichannel businesses looking for competitive strategic edges to grow their business through leveraging emerging best-of-breed technology.

This session will examine the specific and emerging intersection of fulfillment and data automation.

“If you aren’t thinking strategically about fulfillment, you’re not thinking strategically about ecommerce”Rakuten Intelligence

The customer experience is being redefined in the small but increasingly strategic space between your customers and your chosen fulfillment method. Today’s fast-paced ecommerce world requires a near-perfect customer experience from click-to-delivery, but last-mile delivery is often operational pain-point for many businesses. With heightened disruption of the delivery sector, this is slowly changing: now more than ever, delivery is a strategic objective that can be used to form many opportunities to increase business growth.

Join VL OMNI and Lineten for a strategic conversation on the state of ecommerce delivery and how the best are using delivery as a strategic advantage in growing their overall gross merchandise volume (GMV). Attendees are invited to ask their questions to the sessions’ panel of experts to leverage their knowledge on the near unlimited reach of what’s now possible in the delivery space, and partake in in-depth discussion of real case studies and their ongoing results. 

Register for this limited session webinar today to learn about the importance of creating an integrated delivery strategy and how to automate cutting-edge delivery solutions seamlessly into your technology stack for maximum long-term impact.




VL OMNI is a cloud based, EU-GDPR compliant platform for agile and scalable iPaaS Data Integration. We consult to create strategic data integrations that maintain a central point of data truth. Business agility and scalability is enhanced while incorporating business rules to maximize efficiency and actualize on core strategies. 

Learn more at VLOMNI.com


Since 2013, Lineten has focused on making delivery simple through the power of integration and aggregation. Powered by a rules engine, Lineten’s delivery management platform plugs and plays delivery API technology, with the aim to satisfy both supply and demand.

Learn more at www.lineten.com



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