Coming Up In June: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

Coming Up In June: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

Welcome to June! It’s one of the busiest months of the year for the ecommerce industry and we can’t wait to hit the ground running by reconnecting with friends, making new contacts and learning about the amazing technological advancements in the industry. The sun is finally shining and Toronto is bursting with opportunities, so it’s time to get outside, connect and level up with the VL OMNI team.

 StartupTech TO – June 4th 

Branded as a fireside chat with other industry-leading successful professionals. This is a great opportunity to meet people who have been down the startup road. Starting with simple introductions and followed up with a Q-and-A. The event is designed to put you, the listener, in control of what is discussed. Ask the questions that matter to your business the most. Learn from past experiences of your peers and discover a new way to accomplish your start-up goals.

TechTO – June 10th

This is one of my favorite recurring events in Toronto! TechTo has been steadily growing event after event by bringing together a wide variety of skills, points of view and members of the tech community. Set up to emulate  Ted Talk style presentations, experience quick, digestible, and actionable bits of wisdom to help you excel in your current tech position. Not to mention the networking – with so many industry professionals under one roof, you’ll make some amazing contacts to grow and learn alongside.

Sales and Success with LinkedIn’s Julie Federman – June 11th 

Involved in Sales or Customer Success? This is a great opportunity to learn more about your position! Julie will be hosting a round table discussion, pulling together people with a variety of opinions, experiences, and points of view. It’s an opportunity to share and learn from other’s tackling similar problems. Furthermore, you get to learn from an experienced and successful LinkedIn team member. Seems like an easy win to me – so you can bet I’ll be there to learn and participate with amazing individuals like yourself.

GTA ecommerce Meetup – June 11th 

A small but still insightful event if you’re looking to build or work in the ecommerce business. GTA pulls local entrepreneurs to share their experiences in the internet retail market. This event covers everything from Amazon to ecommerce platforms, SEO, marketing strategies, and online store set up. If you want to know more about how other entrepreneurs are finding success in the bursting ecommerce market, while learning from their mistakes – this is the event for you.

Shopify Unite – June 18th – 20th 

The biggest ecommerce event in Toronto is here! It’s time for the Shopify Partner Conference: Shopify Unite.  As VL OMNI is an official Shopify Plus Technology partner, we are especially excited to attend this amazing conference. It’s a great opportunity to meet up with fellow Shopify Partners within the Shopify Ecosystem and reconnect with old friends from across the community as they descend on our hometown. On top of the amazing networking, there are keynote presentations laying out Shopify’s vision of the future of ecommerce alongside new developments and features for the platform. Unite is an invite-only event but a little birdy told me a couple of key partners will be hosting some amazing events outside of Unite during the event – so if you don’t have access, keep your ear to the ground, and listen for those great networking opportunities!

Here’s an extra bonus event for this month. It’s not local, but too important to skip! 

IRCE – June 25th – 28th

Straight after Unite, the biggest ecommerce retail tradeshow’s kick off! IRCE is one of the largest ecommerce show’s of the year. With 600+ exhibitors, over 3100 unique companies, and a whopping 10,000+ attendees, IRCE is a one-stop shop for all things ecommerce. On top of that, there are some amazing presentations around the strategy, direction, and market trends – lead by some of the largest names in online retail. There’s something for everyone involved in this fast-growing industry, and we’re really excited to be exhibiting for the 7th year in a row, inside Shopify Plus’s Partner Zone! If you live in Chicago, come find us – we’ll be at booth #1060



June is a jam-packed month. The best of the best in ecommerce events are taking place, with no shortage of opportunity. Explore these amazing events with us as we learn and meet some amazing people in the industry.

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