Enriching Your Product Data For Higher Conversions – A VL OMNI inRiver Infographic

As fast-fashion retailer know, products change frequently. Product assortments, seasonality of clothing and shoe lines flip often every 4 to 6 weeks. Those multichannel ecommerce merchants who have extremely large product volumes are often dealing with a massive pain point. Many merchants are unfortunately managing this manually or without the proper systems and connections in place. This process of updating products and all their affiliated descriptors, images etc is a slow, expensive, cumbersome process prone to data errors.

These multichannel merchants need to effectively manage their product information in a centralized location, then pushed out to all channels. With the help of the VL OMNI inRiver Shopify Plus Connector, customers reap the full extent and power of the inRiver PIM via tight real-time integration and the application of key business rules for true, 100% data integration. Multichannel merchants in the fashion industry with extensive product catalogues with this Connector can consistently push accurate product information to all channels automatically without restriction on the number of SKUs, product variants, or item entries, ensuring all products are listed accurately, quickly, and are ready for purchase by customers as soon as the new product line is pushed to the target channel.

Download our full high-res Infographic to see solution highlights:

Download The Full High-Res Infographic 

Download The Full High-Res Infographic 

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