Coming Up This April: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

Coming Up This April: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

Toronto is one of the best places in Canada to be if you’re involved in Tech. There is a never-ending pool of talent and information right in your backyard. Take advantage, get out there, and learn something! You’ll also meet so many like-minded people on your journey through the industry in Toronto. Every month, I visit multiple events around the city and learn so much in the process.

Come join me on my journey as a check out the following events around Toronto.

April 2nd – How to use Webinars to Sell SaaS

Location: 73 Simcoe Street, Toronto

Do you also work for a SaaS company? I do, so this one is a little bit more for my own development. As VL OMNI is a SaaS-based platform, it’s always interesting to find out how other people are talking about their SaaS products. I’m sure it’s no secret to you, that webinars have an ability to educate and generate opportunity for your product. Come find out how other companies are utilizing technology and a connected world to spread the message of your amazing SaaS solution.


April 15th – TechTO

Location: RBC Waterpark Place, 88 Queens Quay West, Toronto.

One of the fastest growing quarterly conferences in Toronto, TechTO brings together some of the best minds in the Tech Industry. Tech Leaders give TED talks style presentation and give valuable and actionable insights. Ample Networking, Education first presentations and thought leadership ideas are discussed and analyzed as we get a deeper insight into an ever-changing industry: Tech.


April 18th – F*ckup Nights

Location: Shopify Toronto, 80 Spadina Avenue #400, Toronto

One of my personal favourite events around Toronto. Listen to short presentations from successful entrepreneurs as they discuss some of the biggest failures in their careers. No one is perfect, and that includes those that have found their way to the top. That being said, it doesn’t mean you can’t take away a lesson or two to avoid making the same mistakes. Networking after the presentations is always amazing as well, as you’ll speak with so many driven and like-minded individuals. It’s ok to fail, as long as you learn!


April 24th – Fashion Tech Toronto

Location: The Design Exchange, 234 Bay Street, Toronto

Work in the Fashion industry? Then this is the event for you! Technology is revolutionizing all industries, generating rapid changes that are altering the face of business. The fashion industry is no different! Learn how many fashion companies are empowering their business with technology and how you too can be on the cutting edge. It’s also a fun fashion event to meet, network with and learn from other professionals within the industry. It’s a must-see for any fashion company that wants the leg up on the competition.


April. 25th – Retail TO

Location: Office, 18 York Street, 5th Floor, Toronto

Involved in the retail space and curious where other’s see the world of retail heading? Come and discuss important ideas, and learn from leading experts as we all discuss the direction of retail in 2019 and beyond!


There you have it! Get out there and learn – it’s the only way to truly become an industry leader within your niche. If you’re going to be at any of these events, feel free to come find me, or connect with me on LinkedIn – I’d be excited to talk to you!

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