Coming Up This March: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

Coming Up This March: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

March, the last month of winter! What better way to celebrate than to get out into the city and learn from fellow professionals. Every month VL OMNI hits the road in Toronto, to live, learn and network with amazing individuals in the market. Come join us at some of these amazing events around Toronto, that will positively impact your knowledge and skills in the Tech market.

March 5th – Tech Consulting Night – March 5th

Looking to learn more about Technology opportunities in Toronto? Want to find out a little more about what some amazing Tech Companies around Toronto are working on? Meet some of the leading technology companies with offices in Toronto at this amazing tech consulting night. Held on the Ryerson campus, technology companies are looking to connect with, learn from and teach people interested in the industry. Come on down to the Ryerson campus and see what Toronto has to offer in the Technology industry.


DX3-March 6th

One of the largest Tech events in the World! This event is said to be a must see in the tech community and it’s right here in Toronto! See some new and amazing technologies that are disrupting the market and trying to change the world.  As one of the IoT event series, be one of the first to learn how Retail, Marketing, and Technology are changing. Don’t be caught in the past, be ready for the future!

VL OMNI will be present at DX3, walking the floor and having engaging conversations with those creating positive change in the industry. Meet up with myself, Torrey Lapenskie and David Reid!

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SalesTO- March 13th

One of the best recurring events around Toronto for those interested in Sales and how Sales has changed with the massive progress around technology. Listen to a panel of sales experts, discuss many of the nuances, changes, and tactics in sales. I attend this event every chance I have and am always walking away with amazing insights that improve and empower my sales cycle. SalesTO is a must attend for anyone who’s


 TechTO-March 18th

An amazing event that brings together amazing leaders in the Tech market. It’s an amazing opportunity to discuss and network with fellow tech professionals, while you take in insightful presentations from amazing members of the tech community. Without a doubt, a must-attend for anyone works in technology or is interested in learning more about the tech market from successful tech professionals.

Make sure to come out to one or all of these fantastic events, particularly DX3!  March represents the start of tradeshow season and the events going forward will be bigger and better! Come and get out of the cold and say HI, while we all advance and share our knowledge together.

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