Integrating AS/400 and Shopify Plus with VL OMNI’s Integration Connector

Shopify Plus has become one of the most widely used ecommerce platforms businesses are using to launch their online store, or to re-platform from other ecommerce solutions like Magento. The case for the latter is growing, with more and more Merchants making the jump from old ecommerce solution to agile and feature-rich Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus has a strong ecosystem of partners and solutions that offer enhancements, functionality, or services that help provide the best and most consistent customer experience. But not all of the back-end systems are designed to be instantly connected with modern ecommerce platforms like Shopify Plus. Many companies are still using legacy systems — sometimes decades old — and are now trying to figure out how to keep their legacy applications running while upgrading to Shopify Plus without considerable investment to replace core solutions they have been using for years.

Enter the legacy business running AS/400 as their ERP.

IBM AS/400 launched way back in June of 1988. Today, AS/400 is still used by many organizations to manage sales, supply chain, and distribution. Despite this ‘old’ system being regarded as a legacy, it supports many companies that are now revamping their approach in engaging with the end consumer across all channels, online and off.

Integrating your AS/400 with your Shopify Plus Store

Developing integration between Shopify Plus and AS/400 will provide a tremendous advantage and improved functionality to merchants using the application and the ecommerce platform. Building data integration between systems doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think it might be. Although it does take some work by experts familiar with integrating these applications, AS/400 can be brought into the modern digital age with flat-file mapping.

With expert data integrators like VL OMNI, there is even the ability to layer business rules specific to the needs of the merchant overtop of the flat file workflow. In the VL OMNI case, the results of integration between AS/400 and Shopify Plus can be:

  • Shopify Plus Orders integrated to AS/400
  • Products and Inventory being updated regularly with Shopify Plus
  • Providing Shipment updates back to Shopify Plus

Learn more about our Shopify-AS/400 Integration Connector here. 

Working with VL OMNI to integrate Shopify Plus with AS/400

Any particular integration involving flat files is going to require a certain level of upfront expertise and a platform that can manage all of the data flow between systems.  At VL OMNI, we have experience working with merchants that need an integration solution between the Shopify Plus API and the AS/400 flat file system.

VL OMNI provides integrations for merchants that are looking for agile and scalable data flow between their Shopify Plus store and their back end solution such as AS/400 system. With over 26+ years of integration experience covering numerous systems that often require point-to-multipoint workflow, merchants that are seeking that next level of integrations can work with VL OMNI to grow their business.