Coming Up This February: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

It’s already the 2nd month of 2019! How time flies when you’re having fun, engaging with amazing people and learning with the amazing entrepreneurial community in this amazing city. This month, VL OMNI will be out and about, around the City of Toronto, checking out some of the great local events filled with learning and networking opportunities.

Come, get out of the cold and say HI, while we all advance and share our knowledge together.

How To Grow Your Business Through eCommerce – February 6th

Ever wonder how eCommerce can help your business? Providing options for customers to engage with your brand can do wonders for your company. Today, online sales are growing at astonishing rates, and every major brand is becoming wise to an exploding channel. And the kicker: it’s easier than ever to become involved in online sales. Learn how to increase your brands reach and stimulate your profits with a quickly growing channel option: eCommerce.

TechTO – February 11th 

One of the fastest growing quarterly conferences in Toronto, TechTO brings together some of the best minds in the Tech Industry. Tech Leaders give TED talks style presentation and give valuable and actionable insights. Ample Networking, Education first presentations and thought leadership ideas are discussed and analyzed as we get a deeper insight into an ever-changing industry: Tech.

Startup Drinks – Open Pitch, Open Bar – February 13th 

Startup Drinks is a casual opportunity to check out local upcoming businesses, hear pitches on amazing new products, practice your pitch, promote your business or just drink, laugh and learn from other amazing and driven individuals. It may be causal but it’s a must attend, as it’s filled with amazing opportunities to grow and learn.

Influencer Marketing: How to partner with Influencers and grow your business. – February 16th 

Marketing strategies are always changing. With the increase in Social Media use, Influencers have become a mainstay in market recognition. Understanding how to properly approach this new kind of marketing is the key to understanding how your brand can exist in a new and ever more connected world. Don’t get left behind, the future is now, this is your opportunity to get a small glimpse into a new style of marketing.

GTA eCommerce Meetup – February 19th 

Toronto is filled with amazing and driven entrepreneurs engaging in the quickly growing eCommerce market. With some amazing presenters lined up, come listen to those who’ve successfully navigated a new market, learn from their mistakes and take a look at the steps and dedication needed to create a growing and successful business online.

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