Coming Up This January: Ecommerce Events In Toronto

Happy New Year! And with a New Year come new ideas. Start your 2019 off right and hit the ground running as we navigate the start of an amazing year in ecommerce. Every Month we travel to the heart of Toronto to learn, laugh and discuss e-commerce with forward-thinking business people. Come find us, chat with us and learn with us at these amazing events around the city of Toronto.

LevelUP! Vol. 3: Building Your Brand With Speaking & Video   – January 16th

Location: Shopify HQ, 80 Spadina Avenue

This event is a networking focused event that encourages people to give and develop relationships, while you learn and develop essential buisness skills to be successful in today’s buisness world. The event is also slated to hold an amazing discussion around the use of “Speaking” and Video to grow your brand in a competitive environment.

F*ckup Nights Toronto Vol XX – January 17th

Location: Shopify HQ, 80 Spadina Avenue

Ever wonder if the most successful people around Toronto made mistakes during thier path to success? Of course, they did! Come laugh and learn while top entrepreneurs discuss the failures that helped define their thought processes and develop them into the in tune business folk they are today.  Plus there’s free Beer, Wine, and Pizza. What’s not to love about this beauty event?

SalesTO – January 23rd

Location: MaRS Discovery District, 101 College Street
An amazing event focused on Sales in todays Tech Buisness world. The way we interact as people has changed year to year and so should your sales approach. Hear leading professionals discuss their insights while shedding light on some of the more challenging parts in sales.

Scaling Up – January 24th

Location: Shopify HQ, 80 Spadina Avenue

Starting a business is one thing, but what happens once you find success with your product? Scaling your business should be at the forefront of every business’ mind and understanding the process behind takes more than just a simple google search. Come learn from other’s who’ve successfully scaled their online business, understand the strategy and infrastructure required and be prepared from some of the major challenges and roadblocks in that journey with this amazing free event held at the Shopify office.

How to Launch Your Store Online with Shopify – January 29th

Location: ShopifyHQ, 80 Spadina Avenue

Interested in starting your own online e-commerce store but unsure of where to start? This event is for you, while the hosts walk you through the steps to launch. Understand the challenges ahead and avoid major pitfalls by learning important ideas to consider as you launch and grow your site.

Retail TO – January 30th

Location: OneEleven, 325 Front Street W, 4th Floor

Involved in the retail space and curious where other’s see the world of retail heading? Come and discuss important ideas, and learn from leading experts as we all discuss the direction of retail in 2019 and beyond!

There you have it! Some amazing events throughout the month of January that’ll start your business year off with a bang. I can’t wait to attend these myself, and I hope to see you all out there!  



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