Canadian Ecommerce 2019 – A VL OMNI Infographic

VL has actively kept track of changes in the ecommerce market since 2015 in infographic form, and it’s been amazing to see how far ecommerce has come in a relatively short time!

Our last infographic, Canadian Ecommerce 2017, has been one of our most downloaded infographics; it’s clear industry experts and merchants are interested in how the Canadian online market is developing. Because VL OMNI knows the retail and ecommerce community crave knowledge and information on the state of Canadian ecommerce, particularly in contrast to other advanced nations we compete with globally, we’ve updated this popular infographic for this year.

Overall, the story of Canadian ecommerce has been one of slow and steady adoption. Statistics have not changed significantly year over year, but instead we’ve seen Canadian consumers and businesses continue along trend paths set in earlier years. Canadians shopping online continue to show that customer experience is of central importance, and 2019 will see a growing desire from consumers for more flexible shopping and shipping options.

As the second largest country in size, logistics is another trend that continues to develop in the world of the online Canadian retailer. In Canada specifically, there are significant geographic and logistical challenges for adopting fast and effective last mile delivery. However, some verticals like grocery have made incredible headway in the last year in adopting more flexible options such as click-and-collect and home and train station delivery, demonstrating to other Canadian businesses that a higher level of customer experience can be achieved in a variety of ways. Ecommerce — both B2B and B2C — are taking note of these developments, and are slowly adopting these practices and taking advantage of infrastructure available in larger cities and suburbs.

Compared to other nations, Canada’s ecommerce sector still lags behind. The future is bright, though, for those merchants who invest in technologies strategically and implement back end infrastructure that allows them to put the customer experience first.

Keep scrolling and download the high-res infographic to learn more about the state of Canadian Ecommerce 2019:



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