The Break Down With VL OMNI – Beyond Point-To-Point

Being able to extract meaningful information from operational data is key for savvy multichannel retailers. But in order to be able to see the big picture, you need to be able to bring together all the disparate pieces in a way that makes sense to your business and bottom line.

In order to keep up with the rapid pace of multichannel and online retail, the most cutting-edge ecommerce businesses have mastered their business intelligence in unifying their operational data through strategic data integration — joining together applications in a way that’s structural and makes sense for long-term growth objectives. Not only does great data integration give you visibility into your own business, it’s also instrumental in creating an exceptional customer experience.

In today’s market, your data integration strategy and implementation is a key component to your success. But even as the data integration industry advances in leaps and bounds through innovators like VL OMNI, still, the most common way companies view data integration is moving data between two applications (point to point). Companies insist on using this basic point-to-point approach with little thought of the larger picture in their growth and broader technology stack. Though point-to-point integrations may offer temporary relief to data movement and automation issues and needs, it is not sustainable or agile as a business grows. Eventually, your prehistoric spider web of point-to-point connections will become stressed under heavy growth and fail at inopportune times — like the coming holiday season.

At VL OMNI, we offer a better data integration solution. A point-to-multipoint iPaaS solution built on cutting edge technology, we excel on integrating a company for strategic objectives, rather than slapping a band-aid of an integration in between two applications simply to satisfy an immediate paint point. (Although our integrations do both, and so much more, too!) With point-to-multipoint and VL OMNI, your business can move data from your ecommerce platform to your ERP, WMS, 3PL or any other application your business uses, all in real time according to your unique business rules in a single data movement to help you maximize your business’ potential.

As your business reaches new heights of success and continues to scale, a point-to-multipoint data integration solution offers true elasticity in your data movements and an ability to ramp up order processing. VL OMNI offers your business a way to use data beyond the transaction and in more meaningful, unique and powerful ways.

Keep scrolling to watch Robin, CEO and Co-Founder of VL OMNI, dig into the differences in point-to-point vs point-to-multipoint data integration — and why your business should strongly consider a point-to-multipoint approach.


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